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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Sub-task CLO-23059

CLO-22914 Prefill azure properties automatically

Tomas Horsky Pavel Salamon Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task CLO-23042

CLO-22914 Document oauth2 server smtp

Jiri Trnka Pavel Salamon Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task CLO-22986

CLO-22914 Add OAuth2 functionality to SendMailProvider

Jiri Trnka Jiri Trnka Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task CLO-22981

CLO-22914 Persist tokens in db

Jaroslav Kylberger Jaroslav Kylberger Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task CLO-22968

CLO-22914 Extend SMTP form UI

Tomas Horsky Tomas Horsky Major Closed Fixed